1.) n. a list of persons under suspicion for certain activity. a list of persons to be avoided, and or boycotted of certain activities.

2.) n. a list privately exchanged among employers, containing the names of persons to be barred from employment due to untrustworthiness or other opinions deemed to be considered undesirable. 

3.) Mike Ellington.

If you were to ask me how I knew Mike I wouldn't be able to tell you. I've always sort of known who he was even before I moved to St. Louis, and when I sort of got to know him and he finally sort of finished the car he'd been working on for quite some time it was only a perfect scenario to get together and shoot that beauty. 

I rolled over to chipotle to grab something to eat before Mike came through, then we headed over to an old hangout spot of Mike's from his days of shenanigans and began shooting. While I was kind of messing around Mike was telling stories of things him and his friends would do in that garage and I have no idea how they got away with some of the things he was saying, haha. Mike also got into a few of the details of how he came to the name Blacklisted for his S14.  Listening to Mike talk about his driving career was pretty neat I must say. Growing up I never really knew anyone who was into the driving scene let alone drifting. We talked a little about street drifting, and a little about competition, and at the end of it all Mike said the perfect words: "Its fuckin' stupid." 

This car has undergone quite a few transformations, a couple of different motors and a few different colors. I remember seeing pictures of this car with a giant mouth on the front and that is how I will always remember this S14. Thank god Mike still has that bumper at his house and could throw it on at any time. I loved hearing the stories of Mike escaping the police, drifting in the neighborhood, and having to change things on the car to remain anonymous. 

We stayed in the garage for most of the shoot, then moved down to another spot in front of a restaurant down the street. We were sitting out there talking about a shot when a few people came out and asked if we were shooting a commercial, and if they could be in it. Me and Mike sort of looked at each other and I said yes! and tried to direct them to do a certain pose (it didn't work out) While I was getting ready to shoot a frame Mike yelled out "It's for Red Bull!" I have no idea where that came from but it sounded awesome at the time and I'm pretty sure these people thought we were really shooting for Red Bull, or they were just pretty drunk. One of my favorite things about shooting in populated locations is the reactions of the people around the area, it never gets old. 

Anyway, we shot for awhile (probably too long..sorry Mike) talked for awhile, then wrapped at I don't even know what time, but I really enjoyed spending the time with Mike, getting to know him a little bit and hear him talk about his car and the experiences he's had with it. Just when I was getting bored with shooting cars Mike sort of relit my spark and reminded me why I love shooting people's cars. Behind every great car is a great mind, a great personality, and usually a shitload of great stories. Mike definitely had all three of these, and I'm pretty pumped he chose to share these with me. 

Here's a few of my favorites from the shoot!




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