A few weeks ago I met up with my buddies Jake and Steven to mess around a little bit and do some shooting. I held on to these images because we threw around the idea of putting a feature together but unfortunately that fell through :(

I met up with Jake at my work and right away we set out to a garage down the street where we would meet Steven. Jake had just plastidipped his car and got a new set of wheels making that beauty even more beautiful. Steven's Z is immaculate. Static as hell and loud as a mofo. haha. Both cars were incredibly easy to shoot especially because of how clean they both are. Nothing is more frustrating than having to literally clean or fix a car in post! 

This set was pretty fun and really easy to do especially because both of these guys are extremely easy going, it was just a bonus that their cars literally looked awesome no matter where they were. There were a couple of instances where we literally just pulled over on the side of the road and grabbed a few frames. In one instance we just stopped in the middle of the street and grabbed a couple of frames, haha. 

I haven't known these two very long, only a few months I'd say, but I've already witnessed Jake's STI undergo quite a few transformations. From Silver to Black to White, and a few different sets of wheels. Its crazy because the first time I saw both of these cars they were both Silver and both had black XXR's, and were both low as hell. As of now Jake's STI is white, one some other wheel (I don't know the type) and Steven's Z is still clean as hell, low as hell, silver as hell, loud as hell, and rocking the XXR's as hell. 

Shooting these cars was definitely a breeze, and post was even more of a breeze because i had time to pay attention to more important things instead of rock chips, door dings, or scratches. These cars photographed beautifully and I'm pretty hyped with the way these images turned out. Unfortunately it's almost winter so Steven's Z is packed away but I'm sure there will be a winter set involving Jake's STI in all of its AWD glory. Until then, here's some images to drool over.



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