Last Week sometime I stumbled across and advertisement for which is a printing company. I was conveniently in the market for some stickers so based on their branding and presentation I gave them a shot. I love the way they laid their website out and I also loved the color schemes they used. So I purchased a little over 100 rounded stickers for somewhere around $20-$25. Today as I was sitting at my desk pouting about the issues I was having with Photoshop I got a special delivery, my stickers.

They were scheduled for delivery tomorrow, so the fact that they got to me a day early was already a bonus. As I ripped open the discrete packaging I unveiled a small white box with blue lettering. "We're round, we peel, but we're not an orange." I love it. The light blue color and simple clean typeface was perfect. I opened the cleanly folded box to reveal my stickers. As I was doing this i took a moment to appreciate the sleek and modern packaging and I decided that I was thoroughly impressed with the way this was all put together. 

I'm a huge sucker for clean packaging, and an even bigger sucker for modern design. This had it all. I was so happy. Included in my sticker pack were two sheets of fun stickers with goofy sayings on them. I knew this company was quirky but this is hilarious. I will be sticking these on as many people as I can without a doubt.

As I started removing my stickers and placing them on my gear, I noticed that they were VERY sticky, and they were made of a high quality vinyl which is even better considering all of the beatings they'll be taking as the gear is thrown around. Definitely happy with this company.

If you're in the market for some personalized print then I definitely suggest heading over to and grabbing yourself some of their quality goods. I know I'll for sure be returning to them for any of my next print purchases. They're actually having a 25% off sale until November 18, so hurry on over and grab something for yourself!

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