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This morning when I walked into the Studio I saw the 2015 Mustang lookin' fine as hell. As I was working I keep looking back and thinking about how fine that brand new beauty looked. So I breezed through my morning routine, got the gear out and started shooting this beautiful beast. 

Now...If you know me at all, you would know that I truly do not like Mustangs. At All. I don't even really like any muscle cars if I'm being honest. They're typically loud, big, heavy, and I'm not usually a huge fan of the type of people who usually buy those types of cars. you know what I'm talking about....

But this Mustang isn't like any of the other Mustangs. The body on this car has been redesigned with the 60's fastback in mind. The body lines are sharper, The front clip is more aggressive, the drivers seat is extremely driver friendly, I could go on and on. But my favorite part about this Mustang is the tiny little 4 cylinder Eco-Boost engine hidden beneath this tough sleek exterior. I have to admit when I heard that this Mustang was an Eco-Boost I was a little broken hearted, and I may have even laughed a bit. But another thing Ford did when redesigning for 2015 was made the suspension surprisingly tight and nimble. It handles like a dream considering its actually quite a bit heavier than the previous generations, I guess you could say Ford has really been feeding their horses...HAHA

All in all this Mustang is incredibly comfortable to drive and the Eco-Boost 4-Cylinder engine packs quite a punch. I know what you're thinking. "There's no way that the 4-Cylinder Eco-Boost mustang packs enough of a punch to be surprised by."'re wrong. I was pleasantly surprised by the power coming from the little guy and was even more surprised at the fact that it really doesn't sound half bad.

OKAY. Enough review of the car! On to the Nerdy Photography stuff!

Gear List:
Canon 5D Mk II
Canon 17-40mm L
1xPaul C. Buff Alien Bees B400 (raw, ungelled)
1xPaul C. buff Alien Bees B800 (raw, ungelled)
1xWestcott Ice Light 

When I was setting this car up to shoot I thought it would be a good time to break out the Westcott Ice Light. I just bought this light and this is the first real time I used it for a shoot. The light output on this light is pretty nice and even, making those skinny highlights along the sides of the car look nice and crispy. The light I was using for light painting before was quite a bit dimmer than this light, much higher color temperature (somewhere around 7-8000K) and left all sorts of LED color noise trails. It was pretty annoying to deal with, but when you're only spending 20$ on something you usually can't expect too much out of it. Stay tuned for a video review of the Westcott Ice Light with Lumen output reading as well as color temperature rating! 

OK! So, the Ice light is cool. If you can afford one, get one. If an Amazon Credit Card and get one...thats what I did.

The first shot I did was the side profile. For this I used the Westcott Ice light and did probably 6-7 trials of painting before I found my hero for each panel. Once I put them all together in post I dropped out the wall in the background and added a black slate to give a bit of a sleeker mood. the car itself is black so adding the black background really made the body lines and highlights pop out. After a little discussion with a fellow photographer in town Kyle Cross, I'm definitely going to reshoot this image to create some better placed highlights. 

Once the profile image was decided, I relocated the car and focused my attention on that Mustang's fine booty. The rear is by far my favorite part of this car, and it was also the hardest to capture. There are so many different lines back there and the highlights were going crazy. After several passes, couple of duplicated highlights, and a small hissy fit, I finally finished this beauty.

As I was setting up the shoot the interior of this car I remembered a few days ago that I saw a pretty cool and different way that an interior was shot by Andrew Link, a badass photographer out of New York. [If you don't know about Andrew Link go here and peep his work, its killer.] He setup his shot and added an additional strobe firing into the camera to create a flare effect. Of course, My image doesn't look nearly as awesome as his, but the flare was a pretty awesome effect and really added quite a bit of character to this interior. I shot 2 angles and i'm pretty hyped how it turned out.

After getting the inside handled I popped the hood and did a similar thing for the engine bay images. Found the sweet spot with one strobe head, then lined the other up a little closer to the frame to create a light source and a hint of flare. This was by far the quickest shot to achieve. Once I got my hero for the engine bay I turned on the DRLS, got my hero and threw them together in post.

After I made sure I had all of my hero shots, it was time for the final shot of the day: The rear quarter shot. this was the easiest and fastest shot of the day. Time was becoming a factor and I had to fire these frames fast and get this image processed in time for a proposal by the end of the day. Thank God I was in a pretty good mood today otherwise there's no way I would have been able to bang these images out so fast. 

As I was throwing all of these images together I started playing with some color balances and tried to create a look that I had seen several times from more commercially based photographers. I really love the feeling found in the surreal looking images you see in magazines, and I really wanted that same aesthetic for these images. I messed around a little bit and pretty quickly came across a palette that I was happy with. That little touch of color at the end of processing every image really put each image on a different level. I'm pretty hyped with the way these turned out, especially because I had a pretty short amount of time to get them all shot and processed. There are several things here and there that could use some fixing, but I'm le tired and wanted to pump these out. The good news is that the 2015 Mustang will be around for awhile so I should be able to grab it again and perfect each of these shots.  I'm looking forward to finalizing the techniques on these types of shots. 





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