This might be a little late, I've been kind of slacking on these blog entries....

Last Friday coolant have come soon enough. Once I heard word that NETSKY was touring the United states AND stopping in St. Louis I nearly shit myself. I've been pretty into Netsky for a couple of years now and constantly find myself listening to his music every single day. Needless to say I bought tickets as soon as I could. I was hyped as shit.

Although it was pretty cold and raining, nothing could ruin this night for me. Me, Darren, and Devin piled into Devin's Jetta and hit the road. Despite sliding all over the highway and some foggy windows we finally made it to the Old Rock House and I couldn't have been happier. 

We showed up pretty early, but people were stating to pack in. Im not sure if you guys have been to the Old Rock House, but that place is tiny. How one of the best producers in Drum and Bass booked a show here and sold tickets for 15$ is beyond me. I easily would have paid my right leg to see Netsky live, thankfully I only had to pay the 15$ hahaha. 

The opening guys played a pretty dope set and got the crowd hyped up before Kove came on and reallllly got the crowd going. I didn't really know what to expect from the openers, but they  definitely did a good job getting things going before netsky took stage around midnight.

Once the lights went down and netsky was about to come on stage, I ran upstairs to the balcony to get some shots. I was the only person up there and watching the opening literally blew me away. I couldn't concentrate on taking photos because I couldn't function. I had the biggest smile on my face as I watched Netsky come on with full force. Being the only person on the balcony was an incredible experience. I could not have asked for a better way to see one of my favorite producers live. IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING! DID I SAY THAT ALREADY?? 

For this tour Netsky brought out the full band consisting of Netsky himself on the keys, BABL also on the keys, Michael Schack on the drums, and Script as the MC or the hype man, with a special guest appearance from Billie Benton. Everyone absolutely killed it and I must say Script did an awesome job interacting with the crowd and keeping everybody excited. Some of my favorite parts in shooting this show were the faces that the Michael Schack and BABL kept making at me when I was shoving my camera in their faces.

If you know me you know that I absolutely hate large crowds. Especially at a drum and bass show where everyone is nasty and sweaty and constantly bumping into you. Thats where having the camera really came in handy, everyone wanted to be my friend and get out of my way. It was awesome! haha! The show was insane. Netsky played just about all of my favorite tracks and I was definitely caught singing and taking pictures at the same time. NETSKY EVEN CAUGHT ME AND SMILED AT ME OMG. Okay, okay enough of the fanboy. Netsky absolutely murdered it.

Here's a few images from the show, I really need to figure out a better way to shoot in those really low light situations to make sure and get everything nice and sharp. Concert photography is 800x harder than it looks, but I'm definitely having a blast trying to figure it out!



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