After Cars & Coffee me and a couple of my buddies headed out to Maplewood for A Taste of Maplewood. I still haven't really had a chance to truly explore St. Louis so I was hyped to get out and see a few new things. 

First we stopped and ate lunch at the Schlafly Brewery. It was awesome. I've been to the boulevard Brewery several times in Kansas City, but I was still impressed with how awesome this place was. Its tucked inside of a little shopping district and is one of St. Louis' many popular microbreweries. 

After we filled ourself with fantastic food and craft beer we set out to the section of the town that was closed off. There were vendor tents and live music. We didn't really mess around too much with individual vendor tents, but just being out in the atmosphere was pretty cool. 

After we smelled some 20 year old scotch we headed out to Chesterfield where iTap was hosting some sort of Beer tasting convention. We met our boss up there and threw back a few tasters.  A couple of my buddies happened to be in town for a Bachelor party and swung through iTap to hangout for a little bit. 

All in all, not a bad saturday afternoon, here's some shots of people drinking beer.

Nick mighta had a little too much of that whiskey...

Nick mighta had a little too much of that whiskey...

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