Sunday rolled around and I found myself waking up much later than I should have. After an awesome night out with a couple of my buddies that were in town I fell out of bed, stepped on my watch, threw myself together and set out to the Gateway Alliance Memorial Car Show put on by a close friend of mine and his car crews. I was lucky enough to be chosen as the Official photographer for the event. (woo!)

I arrived pretty early (930 am is early, I don't care what you say) but the lot was filling up quick, so I had to act fast. I chugged my monster drink and jumped right into shooting everything in sight. 

It was a great turnout! the weather was nice, and the lot was full. There were a lot of great cars there, and even better people. I had a blast meeting a few new people and having the opportunity to talk in depth with a few car owners.

There was one low point of the show however. As I stood on a wooden fence that looked like it was from 1924, I proceeded to photograph the rear of a car until the fence broke throwing me on the ground like it was its job.  Unfortunately my camera escaped my death grip and also got thrown to the ground. Thank god it was grass, otherwise my lil guy would have been toast. Oh, I did break my speedlite though....that kind of sucks...oh I also got sunburned...that kind of sucks too...

Anyway, here's a few of my favorite shots from the show.



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