After messing around a little bit with my buddy Nick's dads Aston Martin Vantage and BMW M3, we threw a few beers down and decided we were going to hit the Royals game. Our old friend Mike came in town to hangout and it was only fitting that we celebrate the only way we knew how: Drink lots of beer, and watch baseball. With the plan in action, I ran by my house grabbed my Royals hat (of course) and we were off. 

While we were waiting to get tickets I spotted my old Drum Major from high school, Sean McCarthy. He and his band just finished playing at the game and were about to head in to enjoy some baseball. I probably haven't seen Sean in 5+ years, it was awesome catching up.

We also ran into an old friend who we grew up with: Tyler Bell. Of course we were all way hyped to see him and exchanged a few loud hellos and caught up briefly, I think there was a beer chug in there somewhere also....who knows.

After watching the Royals get stomped on by the Tigers we decided it was time to take off, and of course, I run into another familiar face. Jerod Clarke, and he tells me Seth and Jordan are there also. I used to intern for a studio in Kansas City, where Seth and Jordan work, Clarke works for an AD agency and was always around, needless to say I was beyond hyped to see all of them.

All in all I'm not too bummed out about the Royals getting killed by the Tigers, I couldn't believe how many people I ran into. That alone made up for the heartbreak from the loss, haha.

here's a few shots.