After hearing some pretty dope news about one of my shots being featured, I walk into the studio and see this blue beast staring back at me. Brandon walks by and tells me this is their 1969 Chevelle that they had done a full LED/HID Conversion with. I was pretty hyped to hear that and while everyone was walking by snapping photos with their phones I was trying to figure out how I was going to make a pretty dope image with this beast.

I had never done any light painting before, and I have definitely spent quite a bit of time checking out people like Travis Young, and Jacob Brcic who have clearly mastered the light painting technique. I wanted to create something similar to their two styles that I highly look up to. 

We just moved in over here so the studio space is pretty bare at the moment, which actually worked out in my favor. I grabbed our spare set of wheels, our rolling toolbox, and a palette to try and cover some of the exposed panels we have on that wall. I didn't want all of the panels exposed, but just enough so it didn't look like overkill. Overall I wanted it to look like a little working garage space. The garage door helped a lot, haha.

We backed the car in to position and I started getting things set in camera. I didn't have a work light so i tried to do a shot with just my iPhone. That shot probably would have worked, but I ran to Lowes and grabbed a bigger LED light so I could fill more space with some light painting. 

My favorite part of shooting this whole thing is explaining to everyone what I'm doing as I'm doing it. All of the warehouse guys came over to watch and so did a few of the Sales guys. I love this shit. 

Again, this is my first time doing any sort of automotive light painting, so don't be too harsh on the criticisms haha I'll figure it out more and more as I go along. But I'm definitely looking very forward to doing more shit like this in the future!



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