I had originally planned on heading home to Kansas City for the KCH2O Meat and Greet, but unfortunately, my wallet didn't agree with that decision. So I stuck around good ol' St. Louis, and I'm pretty happy I did. 

I swung over to my buddy Ryan's house a little after 10, we sat on the stoop for a minute then headed out to the European Auto show. I had heard this was a pretty big deal, but didn't really know what to expect. When we arrived I was shocked. Euros as far as the eye could see. I was in heaven. We didn't even make it 10 steps out of the car before running into a sick ass beatle in the parking lot. I knew I was in for a pretty good day. 

Exotic Motors St. Louis had a couple of their Gold Rush Rally cars out there, a sick ass SLS Gullwing, and the Liberty Walk Aventador...there's only 1 of those in the country. Pretty hyped to see them in the Rally coverage. 

I also stumbled upon an E30 wagon....there's 13 of those in the you can imagine I was beyond excited to see that rare beauty.

Despite the 237 degree temperature and my fantastic decision to wear black jeans and a black shirt, the show was great! I felt like a kid in an upstairs boiler room of a candy store.

I try to keep the images within a reasonable number, but there were too many good ones to keep all of these in hiding. Here's a few of my favorites.



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