After spending a couple of crazy days scrambling to get Brandon's 2010 GMC Sierra fully tested for LEDs I had a little bit of down time and wanted to practice my light painting skillz.

Before I killed the lights and busted out the magic wand, I popped a few shots with just the ambient Warehouse lights, I love these lights especially because they're daylight balanced and really give a nice industrial warehouse style look especially when they hit the raw brick wall and the concrete floor. I turned the light bar on for this shot because with the warehouse fully lit it wouldn't totally blow out the right side of the frame....its still insanely bright and I'm pretty sure my eyes are strained from staring at that thing for the 15 minutes I was shooting haha

After I got something I could work with I killed the lights and started throwing some light on this beast. This truck is gigantic! I spent about 30 minutes trying to get the body line highlights but I couldn't get far enough away from the truck and the light trails kept bleeding in. I finally got the house on wheels moved over a few feet and was getting everything handled until I realized I wasn't 9 ft tall and couldn't hit the highlights on the windows correctly. Andrew had been walking through the studio and suggested the idea of hopping on a ladder to get the right angle. So he hopped up there and I directed him on where to shine the light in order to get the correct highlights. He was stretched out pretty far and was pretty close to falling off the ladder, but we got the shot we needed! woo!! 

As it came time to get the brake light popped, I hit the self timer, ran to the truck and hopped inside, the shutter was open by this point and I couldn't get the brakes to come on, so I had to dig around in the dark to find the key so I could get the brakes going. Once I turned the key it made the headlights come on and that was not originally what I was going for. I headed back to the camera expecting to have to do another take but was pleasantly surprised when the brake lights and headlights looked perfect. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I love when shit like that happens. I'd say a large part of my successes in photography have been the result of those little happy accidents. I left the light bar off in this shot mainly because I wanted to try and get a shot of this truck without the bar so people could see how low pro it sat against the windshield. I also didn't want too much attention on the light bar itself, I like the idea of it being a subtle addition to the roof of the truck in this shot. OKAY. Anyways here's a couple of the shots I pulled today! 

As Always, Comments and especially critiques are more than welcome!





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