Saturday finally rolled around, I woke up a little later than I wanted and had to throw myself together pretty quickly in order to make it out to St Louis Motorsport for a little exotic edition of cars and coffee before having to get ready for Paul and Kirstin's wedding. Me and my buddy Nick spent a little time walking around a room filled with cars that cost enough money to end world hunger. Not bringing my camera to this was a pretty bad idea, but I can't complain because I did get a pretty awesome muffin out of the deal. 

Anyway, after cars and coffee I jetted back home and threw myself together so I could look halfway decent for the wedding. Time was not on my side, and neither was my gas tank. I rushed to make it to the church and my nerves were going 600 miles an hour as I was not only cutting it close with time, my gas gauge was literally below the empty bar. Somehow I made it to the church with a few minutes to spare and did not run out of gas. Thank God. The ceremony was beautiful and I couldn't help but break out into a giant smile as I witnessed Paul and Kirsten come together in holy matrimony. They looked incredible. Now this I did bring my camera to but about 32 seconds before I entered the church I was notified that there was no photography allowed. Bummer. 

After the ceremony we had quite a bit of time to make it to the reception hall. Me and a few of my buddies grabbed a little something to eat then headed back to Nicks to kill some more time where we had a gift wrapping party and lounged around a little bit. The time eventually came to hit the reception which happened to be at that really awesome place off of I-70 W as you cross over the river with the really nice knowww that really cool spot that you always want to go to when you drive by? Thats the one! Thats where the reception was, and it was super awesome. What made the whole deal better is that they were serving Boulevard Wheat on tap! As you can imagine I threw down a few of those and wandered around taking pictures all night. It was awesome. I wish I could have got more images, but I had to remember to be polite to the hired photographer and not step on her feet........the large amounts of boulevard wheat might be another reason I didn't get as many shots as I would have liked....hahah Here's a few of the snaps I grabbed!



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