Diode Dynamics just released their new line of Offroad LED light bars and I must say they are prettttty slick! The fellas threw a few on Ryan's Jeep, wired everything up, and we set out to get a few shots to showcase these bad boys. Ryan had a spot in mind that happened to be pretty close to Diode so that ended up working out pretty well. We arrived to the spot and it was everything I could have hoped it would be. Little bit of sand, little bit of mud, it was perfect. We drove around the place a few times to set some ruts and throw a little dirt on the Jeep to fit the off road look. Then we set the camera and started to fire away. It was a pretty easy going shoot and the overcast day made for perfect natural light shooting conditions. I was pretty hyped I didn't have to carry out a bunch of heavy stands and strobe heads, haha! aaaaanyways Here's my favorite image from the shoot! Enjoy!

Oh! Do yourself a favor and head over to and grab one of these light bars, or a set of work lights, or any other sort of LEDs you might want for your car!



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