Alright! Well, the past couple have been extremely busy and extremely dead at the same time. Last weekend was the Ice Cream Cruise, and I shot a wedding, but images from neither are done yet...We traveled 4 states in 3 days and barely managed to grab 10 hours of sleep....I spent the whole last week recovering, haha.

Anyway! I showed up to work with quite a surprise a couple days ago, a 1997 Mazda Miata was in for LED testing, and this thing was perfect. I had a hard time believing it was even a 1997. The interior was perfect, the engine bay was perfect, there were a few nicks here and there....but the car is 16 years old, what do you expect? 

After getting all the testing done, I had a little time to mess around with this beauty, so I did a little light painting. I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out, Light painting is still very new to me and I've been trying a few different things here and there to improve. I couldn't believe it when I got all the shots I need first try....everything seemed to work out! I guess Mondays are not allllways bad! haha!

Well anyway! I'll post images from the wedding and the Ice cream cruise as soon as they're done, but for now..I'm gonna go grab a beer.



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