A couple days ago I went and met my buddy Mike over at Rebekah's house, it was dope. He introduced me to a couple St. Louis urban explorers, one of which I've been wanting to meet for awhile now. We sat around, drank some beer then hit the streets looking for a place to lurk around and shoot some photos. 

We eventually rolled up on an old High School thats been rundown for a few years now, I had no idea what to expect but I was definitely stoked as shit. I'd never gone into  one of these buildings without paint before either, that was weird, haha

After a few minutes of trying to figure out how to get in, we boosted one person up a little roof and he went around and let us in a side entrance. We busted out our flashlights and started wandering. Starting in one of the Gyms and roaming through old classrooms, the cafeteria, the roof, and a couple balconies. It was crazy to see all of the remains that were left behind. It seemed like the school shut down and left a large part of belongings behind. 

After awhile of exploring, we were in the middle of shooting a few photos when a fella with a wrench and headlamp walked up on us and asked us what we were doing. Naturally we were all startled at first, but the fella seemed to be alright and showed us around the place. Then he tried to lead us back to a different part of the school where one of the guys saw a few shadows down the hall, we were a little sketched out and decided to go the other way haha! We snapped a few more shots off and got the hell outta there! 

here's a few frames i popped off in there, shooting at 6400 ISO I'm pretty pleased with how these came out. Most were shot in almost complete darkness with a speed light. Been on a bit of a black and white kick lately too, haha



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