Last week at work we had a Nissan GTR in for testing and such. I was a little nervous to put my hands on a car that cost the same as a decent sized house. But nonetheless I dug right in and wanted to get everything done with a couple of days to spare in order to have a whole day shooting this beast. 

When the time came to finally shoot the GTR, I wanted to do something different than what I have been doing with every other car in the studio, which is a 3/4 angle in the corner of the studio, dark overall composition, glowing brake light, etc etc. I did do that shot first, but then I wanted to try a straight on shot, and maybe try a couple of shots of the interior. I struggled a little bit getting images that were 100% perfect, and realized that its now time for me to upgrade my light wand to something with a stronger beam, and maybe something with a diffusion possibility. 

Overall, I had a pretty good time messing around with a couple of different angles with this car, I hope that I can take it o location in the next few days to try to get something different, and something more dynamic. 

Anyway! Here's a couple of the images from that set, I haven't finished all of them yet. As always, Comments and suggestions are always accepted!



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