MO'S S2000

Thursday finally rolled around, and I was actually excited for work (what?) The reason being was that I would be shooting the pretty S2000 I'd been staring at for 2 weeks. This beautiful beast is a 380hp monster. I don't know how else to describe it. It's probably the cleanest S2000 I'll ever see in my lifetime. 

After work I got all my gear ready and waited patiently as Nick took what felt like 4 hours on a sales call. I was getting pretty anxious so I grabbed a beer and continued to stare that this blue beauty, thinking about some of the shots we were about to get. 

Nick FINALLY got off the phone and we were off! The time was somewhere around 6:30pm as we arrived to our first location. We realized we still had daylight left and for the shots we were wanting to get we needed it to be dark. There was a Bar Louie upstairs, so we grabbed some dinner to kill some time. After we waited around 30-45 minutes we set back out and got the car ready to shoot. Everything was going great as we got the car in position and I got the camera all set up. I went to plug my strobes into my diy power pack and got everything in position when I realized that there was no power going to the strobe head. Shit. My cheapo depo power pack couldn't handle the heat of the strobe head I was trying to plug in. Luckily I had my light wand and was able to get a little something.

PROTIP: Make sure your shit works before you set out to location to shoot.
PROTIP: Don't drink too many beers and eat a lot of food before a shoot. 

We hungout in the garage for a little bit, tried a few different compositions then drove around the block and found a nice blue wall near the sidewalk. Of course we pulled the S2000 up on the sidewalk and continued with our shoot. Luckily we didn't catch any trouble from anyone for parking illegally, haha

As we were wrapping Nick noticed a Quik Trip just across the street and suggested we go shoot at the pump. I laughed at him at first but he was dead serious, and I'm glad he was because the daylight balanced overhead lighting was perfect. We parked up, filled up, and fired a few frames. As we kept shooting I decided we should take full advantage of this lighting and the fact that nobody has bothered us to get a few more decent frames. Throughout the time we were at the gas station we were approached twice about what kind of car it was we were shooting, haha. Nobody seemed to care that we were taking up 4 pumps and taking photos. I love that shit. 

Even though I've been staring at this car in the studio for almost 2 weeks, i'm quite sad to see it go. Definitely one of my favorite cars to come through the studio. Huge thanks to Mark Mo for making the trek to St. Louis and allowing us to play with this beast. 

Here's some images!




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