There are not too many things that get me as excited as Ryan's text messages that read:

"I want to take the rocco out."

The thing about Ryan is, 1. He's awesome. 2. He was one of the first friends I made when I moved out here, and when I found out that he owned a Ur-S4, a TT, and a 76 Scirocco I knew right away we were going to be besties. 

So...with that being said, I received a text message a couple of days ago stating that Ryan wanted to bring the Rocco out, and that he needed a few good pictures for the fellas over at DSTROYR. (check them out at Right away I was more than excited because I've been waning to marry his car from the moment I laid eyes on it, and I've also wanted to shoot it! haha.

I rolled over to Ryan's when he was just finishing cleaning his garage out, and the Rocco needed a little bit of a jump start. So we managed to open the hood of my busted truck and give that babe the spark she needed to come alive. In the process Ryan's awesome wife Amy brought out a pretty awesome pasta salad which I devoured like I hadn't eaten in days. Shortly after we loaded up the gear in the back seat and headed to the pay n' spray down the street to give that babe a little bath. One of the best things about that car is that it doesn't need a full coat of wax, or hardly a car wash at all to look like a stone cold fox. Ryan did a quick spray and we hit the road. We found a nice little parking garage where the lights were daylight balanced and pulled right in, fired several different frames and moved around a little bit to get some different angles of that beauty. Another fantastic thing about that car is that it literally looks good from every angle, so shooting it was a breeze. We goofed around a little bit, fired several frames and then headed on home. 

Now, I should be making lunch for tomorrow but I can't help but get these images processed right away. I love the shit out of this car, and look forward to getting the opportunity to do a full shoot once the interior is where it needs to be. Until then, I'll just drool over it every time I go over to Ryan's. 

Here's a few shots, enjoy!



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