I'm a few days late on this post, but last Wednesday me, my buddy nick, and my buddy darren went out to catch a show over to 2720 cherokee in St. Louis. I'd never been to this place so I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was that I was going to see one of my favorite DJ's live. I was hyped as shit. 

We rolled in pretty early around 8-830 and the place was dead. It was also Wednesday night so we weren't too surprised. I was actually really hoping it would be a pretty dead show so I could get as close as I could to the stage. Things started picking up pretty quickly around 930-10 and the place was filling up pretty good. Before we knew it the local opener (Marcel something) came on stage and started dropping a few funky beats and was getting the crowd pretty hyped up for the rest of the guys. He was putting out some pretty dope shit, and after a few minutes of funkiness Eliot Lipp, Michal Menert, Paul Basic, and SuperVision came out all at once and started layin' on the beats. Now, we had originally gone to see Eliot Lipp because we had been pretty big fans of his. We had never even heard of anybody else on the stage but they were fuckin incredible and sounded insane together. They played a set together, then broke up into 4 individual sets, played another set together, then I think Michal Menert (who was the headliner) played another solo set to shut the place down. By that time I had quite a few beers, haha.

Once things started getting busier and funkier, I started walking around taking as many pictures as I could. I was getting kind of bored taking the same shots from front stage so I just kinda walked backstage to the VIP area and started shooting from side stage a little but. Nobody told me I couldn't be there, and nobody asked for a press pass or anything so I just kept shooting from both side stages for awhile until i got bored with those shots. Then I just kind of jumped on stage and started shooting pretty closely and again, nobody said anything. It was awesome. I was standing right next to one of my favorite DJ's (Eliot Lipp) on stage! I was hyped as shit. I'm sure to a frequent concert shooter none of this is a big deal but I was pretty fuckin' hyped to be slapping hands with all of these guys, especially because one of them has been one of my favorite DJ's since high school. After the show ended I grabbed a group shot on stage and shook everyone's hand. It was awesome. 

Here's some shots, I took a shitload and they basically all look like this haha you get the idea...



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