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I guess I'll start with Thursday night, since that's when we headed back to the homeland for a weekend thats sure to make the books. 

Thursday night after work me and Nick set out to Kansas City where we would be attending Fast Fridays the following evening. Nick drove the FR-S and I bravely drove my truck with tires that would make your mother cry and a broken 4th gear. The reason I drove my busted ass truck is because I was getting new tires from the homie Jeff over at Revline motors, otherwise there's no way in hell I'd drive that butterfingered, gas guzzling, gear grinding beautiful babe back to Kansas.
If you're in the KC area and need some good work done, holler at Jeff from Revline here.

I rolled in somewhere around 11pm and right away gave my buddy Alex a call and headed straight to his house to hangout for awhile, grab a beer then hit Westport where we went on to have way too many beers, but saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in a long time. One of my favorite things about coming home every time is all of the overwhelming love I feel whenever I go anywhere. It's fuckin' incredible. 

The next morning I woke up and went outside to grab some clothes from my truck only to see that it wasn't where I had parked it. I walked around for a second then realized it had probably been towed -___- After about 5 minutes of online wizardry I located it, then called nick and we went and got it. Thank god for Nick because he definitely bailed me out on the astronomical bill to get my truck out. After we saved the babe from the tow lot we dropped it off at revline to get new tires, then we hit the Studio to say hello to the old crew and grab some lunch. One of my favorite things to do when I'm in Kansas City is to visit the 8183 family. It's a guaranteed good time every time I step in the door, even if its just to say hello. I love you guys. If you don't know about 8183 Studio, you're blowing it. Go check out their insane work at

Finally, we went and washed the FR-S and headed over to Fast Fridays at Aristocrat Motors. This Fast Friday was unlike any other in the sense that this event was a charity event held for the Ali Kemp Foundation. Ali was a Kansas teen who was killed while working at her neighborhood pool several years ago. Since her death her father started a foundation dedicated to teaching self defense to women in the metro area. Learn more about the Ali Kemp foundation at

There was a great turnout at the event, and we had a great time looking at a bunch of cars we'll never be able to afford, haha. Fast Fridays is always a good time especially because we get to catch up with old friends and talk cars for a few hours. Not a whole lot better than that!

After the event I jetted home real quick, made myself look somewhat decent and headed to RC's for Ashley's surprise 30th birthday party. I missed the surprise but it was so good to see the family and catch up with everyone while dancing like a fool and eating a bunch of cake. Being there made me miss home so much, and I'm so grateful for all of the love I felt in that place. Love you Ash. Happy birthday! 

Saturday morning I woke up way too late, worked for a little bit then headed to Nicks and hungout for a little then went to IKEA. Have you guys fuckin' been to IKEA? Jesus. That place is like a heavenly maze of confusion with a lot of awesome shit in there. Thank god I didn't have any money because I would buy the shit out of almost everything in that place. If you haven't gone there yet, GO.

Saturday night I ran over to a buddies house I haven't seen for awhile. A couple of St. Louis friends were there too so it was pretty cool. We hungout for awhile then I ran over to Sinbad's and grabbed a hooka with the homie Devin and then went home and crashed pretty hard. Another place I make sure to swing through every time I'm in town because not only is it the dopest hooka spot in Kansas City, the people there always make me feel like a celebrity every time I walk through the door. Love you guys <3

Sunday morning again I woke up waaay too late, threw myself together and headed to Nick's to grab his Dog Nico for a quick little shoot. Nico is probably one of the funniest dogs I've ever met because he literally acts like a human, It's Comical. He's also insanely beautiful as most Siberian Huskies are. After a quick little session with Nico we went back to Nick's house where we were fed an incredible pasta dish and watched the Royals in 3D on the bawwwlin TV Nick's dad just won at a golf tournament. If you guys haven't seen the Royals Play in 3D you're missing out on life. Not a Royals fan? forget you then! :)

After an incredible meal and watching the Royals in 3D I went and met up with Rachel to shoot her pretty Volkswagen Passat. She probably has one of the cleanest Passat's I've ever seen in my life. There's so much attention to detail on this beauty that it's almost insane. She definitely put a bunch of work into it to make it her own, and I'd say she nailed it! If she would just get some wheels it'd be perfect! haha. After a good sesh with Rachel it was somewhere around  8pm on a Sunday and I was still in Kansas City. Shit. 

While trying to get back to St. Louis as fast as I could of course I got a speeding ticket, I guess I should have listened to Nick when he told me not to bring the Audi back, haha!

After a jam packed weekend, an empty wallet, empty bank account, maxed out credit card, and little to no sleep I still couldn't wipe a smile from my face. All of the love and excitement I felt this weekend was more than I could have asked for. Thank you Kansas City, I love you.




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