Friday night Me and my buddy Darren set out for Bowling Green Kentucky. I'm not too sure what that is...but that was the location of this years LS FEST. 

Now, typically I wouldn't even go near a large gathering of nothing but Chevy LS motors. I've never been a huge fan of the "muscle" car scene. They're loud as shit, and typically the enthusiasts are not my favorite people. However, WRECKED magazine was out there and holding a drift competition with nothing but LS powered drift cars. Now...this I could get into especially because a local fella from St. Louis was out there in his LS powered E36. There were a few LS powered 240's also...which is sorta cool I guess, haha!

Soooo LS Fest opened Friday morning, but we took off Friday evening in hopes of arriving late Friday night and catching the excitement first thing Saturday morning. Welllll, that didn't exactly happen. Somewhere in Kentucky we ended up catching a little bit of car trouble and had to catch a night in a podunk motel somewhere around midnight or 1AM. The next day was spent getting things in order and wandering a tiny town where you pay for your gas AFTER you pump it. There was also a drive thru liquor store, and one market where a kid dressed in all black and has earrings is clearly not a normal visitor.

Eventually we were on the way to Bowling Green where we would spend the next day and a half running around capturing as much media as we could trying to make up for a little bit of time lost. The drifting was probably the best part of this whole shabang, especially because the homie Steve Topping absolutely crushed and made a Formula D driver look a little silly all while running some pretty undesirable tires. Steve caught second place in comp which is super dope. Congrats Steve, I love you <3

I am a little disappointed because going into the whole trip I was expecting to see a few mullets or something of the sort, and I ended up only catching ONE MULLET. Better luck next year I guess....

Anyyyway! I didn't shoot hardly any stills over the weekend except when we were stuck in that random Kentucky town. Stay tuned for a sick ass subject media video though!



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