A couple of weeks ago my buddy Jake gave me a call and said he wanted to do some seasonal festivities that involved some leaves, a backroad, and his now red STI. So naturally we met up for some lunch in our ugg boots and knitted scarves, sipped some pumpkin spice then set out to find the right spot to get the best shots. 

I've shot Jake's car a few times now, and each time its been a different color. When I first met Jake the car was silver, 5 minutes later it was black, I woke up one morning and it was white, a couple of days later it was pinkish red, and now its fully red. I'm sure I missed a color or two in there but I can't keep up with that thing at the rate it changes colors, its crazy. Nonetheless the red looks pretty damn good and is probably my favorite color he's ever had it. 

Jake knew of a couple of hidden back roads that ended up being perfect. We rolled out, figured out a plan (kind of) and went for it. We knew we wanted to try to get some shots with leaves in the shot, and since they weren't exactly falling off the trees we had to improvise. I grabbed handfuls of leaves and set them in the back of my car to throw in front of the camera as we were rolling. Surprisingly enough it ended up working pretty well!

                    Except for the fact that my car is now covered in bits and pieces of leaf debris.

After about 5-6 go arounds and a few pauses because I was being attacked by some incredibly annoying bees we were set on rolling shots. We wanted to get a couple of still shots as well while we could, so we found an old barn and got to work. We had no idea who's barn this was, but there was nobody around so we took our chances and stayed as long as we could, which ended up being plenty of time to get a couple of different shots totally uninterrupted!

With these shots I wanted to try a little something different. I'm not sure if it was the backroads and seemingly rundown area that we were in, but I wanted to give these images a little bit of a darker mood. I muted the color pallet a little bit on the backgrounds, and added a little bit of smoke and fog to some of the images, giving it a different look than anything I've put out before.

I'm still not really sure where it is that we stumbled upon, but we found a little area that had a couple of old gas pumps, a couple of older buildings and a shitload of awesome old signs. Lucky for us the gate was open so we pulled Jake's car in again with hopes to shoot uninterrupted like at the old barn but almost as soon as we got the car in place the owner of the property came through. To our luck he was in a pretty good mood and allowed us to stay and shoot as long as we wanted. Typically this fella doesn't allow people to hangout on his land for shit, and he's got a hawkeye view of the place since its all rigged up with cameras (none of which we could see)  I'm not sure what made him let us stay and hangout for awhile but I'm definitely thankful that he did. After talking to the fella for a few minutes we found out that he owns 900 acres around the area, and has a crew of people to keep it maintained. He bought the land a million years ago and restored all of the buildings immaculately, but doesn't let anyone use them for event spaces, parties, etc. There are easily 3-4 different places that we saw that could be used for wedding receptions. If you ask me the dude is crazy to make this place so nice but not use it.....but at the same time I agree with him 100% When I asked him why he doesn't rent any space out he replied: 

                              "I don't like people fucking with my shit"

                                                                                                                     ....amen to that brotha, that explains the cameras all over the place too. 

All in all we had a blast driving around and exploring some new places. I'm definitely pleased with the way this set turned out since I've been trying a few new things. I'm really looking forward to continuing to learn and grow to see what kind of new things I can try next! WOO!

                                    cheerz to no plans, back roads, color changing cars, and dope shit!  

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