It's definitely been a bit of a crazy week! With all of the Fiesta-ing happening in the studio on top of a few other gigs I've been staring at a computer screen for roughly 4 days straight by now.....and they said being a photographer was all fun and games...

Now, before I go too in depth about the Fiesta we had in for testing and a shoot let me give you a little background on the owner of this lil guy. His name is Drew and he's an avid BMW M3 owner and road racing enthusiast. Being that I owned an M3 at one point me and Drew commonly find ourselves talking nerd stuff every now and then and during one of our regular nerd talks he mentioned that he had just totaled his daily driver (which was a 3 series) and was thinking about getting the new Fiesta ST.


There was probably a solid 6-7 second pause before I was able to say anything. "How in the shit do you drive an M3 built strictly for track and want a ford fiesta?!" is the first thing that came out of my mouth. There were probably a few more angry questions in there also, but when I finally calmed down Drew was telling me how he absolutely loved to hate on the Fiesta, but after reading a few good reviews and a little extended research he wanted to see if this little catfish looking football on wheels lived up to the hype. Drew went on to tell me that not only did the Fiesta ST live up to all of the internet hype, it exceeded it! 

With all of that being said, I still thought Drew had gone off the deep end with this whole Fiesta thing. Then....I saw it...I sat in it...and I got a feel of how it drove. Not only did Drew choose the perfect color (oxford white) and go the extra step and wrapping that beast in a clear bra, he also threw a roof rack on the top's perfect. Never in my life did I ever see myself saying "oh yeah I really like that fiesta" or even "yeah i really like that ford" but man....Somebody over at Ford had the right idea by releasing the ST version of the Fiesta. Now, despite it looking like a football with a catfish face...this thing is pretty impressive. The ecoboost engine that with the right tune can exceed 40mpg and something like 250 ft/lb of torque, the Recaro seats, the aggressive transmission and clutch, the stiffened suspension, the touch screen display, the RGB LED cupholders, footwell, and dash accents...this car is pretty fuckin' cool! The only thing it lacks in my personal opinion is AWD, but with all of this hype about the Focus RS being the Ford AWD Subaru Killer...maybe they'll release a Fiesta RS also. You know...for those who like catfish faced footballs :) 

Anyways! due to a little remodeling the studio is a little crammed with a bunch of science right now, so I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate the mess and have a little extra fun with this shoot. Since the Fiesta is so small and nimble moving it around the studio was a breeze! And fitting it in-between some science was even easier! I tried to move a few things around to fill the frame a little (such as the garbage can spilled over) and wanted to create a different looking image. Its not very often you see a Fiesta in-between an automated reflow oven and a pick-and-place machine! Science! 

While we were in the middle of shooting this science fiesta, Trevor walked in with an HID handheld spotlight and needed the 12v power supply in Drew's car to test it out. I figured this would be a good time to add a little something else to this image. I told Trevor to hold the light over the door like he was pointing it at someone, we only had a few minutes to get this one shot before anyone noticed we weren't working so I quickly ran around to light everything, turned a couple lights on and off and to my luck it worked out! Doing these types of shoots are always fun to me especially, I just wish I had a little more time to do them! 

I'm curious to see what kind of power Drew plans on adding to this little guy. He hasn't really expressed any immediate interest in making serious power additions or anything like that....but we'll see how it goes!





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