Saturday morning I crawled out of bed at the horrific time of 7:30am and threw myself in the car and headed to the first Cars and Coffee of the season. I hate mornings so much.

The turnout was great! Given that it was the first Cars and Coffee of the season I expected nothing less. I always love coming to these types of things because I don't really get the chance to see half of these cars any other time of the year, I love it.

There were several notable cars, and a lot of awesome people wandering the parking lot. But there were three cars that caught my eyes the hardest, and those were the classic Mini Coopers that were shipped over from the UK to the states by three pretty remarkable humans in hopes to raise money for a little boy back home dreaming of the day where he will be able to walk amongst his peers, his family, and his friends. I'm talking about a four year old boy by the name of Jack. 

THE AMERICAN JOB consists of three friends Pete, Alex, and Dudley making the voyage to North America in hopes to raise enough money to provide this little fella Jack a very specific surgery that only 1 doctor can perform. That doctor happens to be located right here in St. Louis Missouri so it was only perfect that I came across these epic humans right in my backyard. 



I only had a short amount of time with each of these dudes and it was extremely hard for me not to break down crying when I caught word of what they were doing. I did my best to express to each of them how fucking amazing I thought it was that they were doing such a ballsy thing in order to help a young boy live a prosperous life. Even as I'm sitting here writing this I'm choked up because seeing instances like this restores my faith in humanity. As I was lingering around trying to gather as much information as I could it really hit me in the heart when each of the three stopped what they were doing and took the time to talk to me and allow me to steal their souls with my favorite combination of magnesium, glass, and science (aka my camera, lolz) Not to mention the fact that they were some of the most easy-going down to earth people I've ever met in my life.

I knew my time with them was limited as they were being flooded with all types of handshakes, thank you's, and other various curiosities from the general public. But the thing that still sticks with me the most is the fact that when we were conversing it was very clear to me that each of them was genuinely hearing what I was saying. their kind-hearted energy was radiating harder than the scent of cologne from Abercrombie & Fitch, and it was fucking amazing.

From what I understand, the trip was cut short due to some work conflicts but that hasn't stopped the trio from hitting as many states as they possibly can before they run out of money or one of their classic minis bites the american dust. I wish these three nothing but the best, and I hope I'm lucky enough to cross paths with these incredible souls again in my lifetime.

Do yourself a favor and check out The website for The American Job, and keep up with these guys on social media. If you've got anything to spare go ahead an contribute to their Just Giving Fundraiser as well. I know for sure that every penny is insanely appreciated.

CHEERZ to some fucking amazing humans, road trips, classic minis, and of course, Jack.

Best of luck to Pete, Alex, and Dudley on their voyage, and best of luck to Jack and his family. We're all rooting for you guys!


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