Last week I had the pleasure of being accompanied by a pretty Ford Raptor in the studio. I had no idea how big those trucks were. I'm not saying the studio space is small...because its not...but this thing was basically peeking over my shoulder all was weird. Oh, I guess I should mention that there was a Ram 3500 Dually and a smart car in here too...but that's besides the point. 

ANYWAY Once we were all done with the mumbo jumbo stuff we were finally able to take this pretty beast out to grab a few shots. I had never driven one of these before and I really was pretty impressed with the comfort and smoothness of the drive. Not to mention it being way higher than my little focus!


I didn't really have any idea what to do with this truck since I didn't really have a whole lot of time to think about it. The area we are in isn't exactly a very exciting one and I wasn't really trying to go do some heavy off roading in a truck that wasn't mine, haha!

The first spot we went to was something like an outdoor mall layout. As soon as we pulled in I thought it might be kind of cool to try and get a Lifestyle type of look outside a restaurant. We pulled up and stopped, then I hopped out and tried to get set up. For some reason that road was the place to be as soon as I started setting the camera up. When we first pulled in there was not a human or car in sight. Next thing I know its like rush hour traffic and cars are coming through like wildfire. I did my best to try and get at least 1 frame that was usable, then we bounced outta there faster than middle school students on the last day of school. 

The next spot we stopped at was one that I had shot at before. The red brick road and building are never a bad idea when going for a nice clean image. Since it was overcast everything was blending together and looking a little boring. I grabbed a strobe head with a gel on it and handed it to Steve. I wanted to add some kind of crazy sun flare and since the sun was hiding, I had to make my own! I love doing this kind of weird stuff in camera especially because every time I try to do sun flares and effects in post they always end up looking to fake. Im pretty hyped with the way the flare came out! Definitely a different look than anything I've ever shot before.

After a lot of excitement and quite a bit of waiting for traffic we headed to the next spot which was more of the offered type of location. This place is in the middle of nowhere and I definitely wish we could have done some more hoodrat things out there with this truck! We were getting sort of pressed for time so we jumped right to it and just messed around. I messed around a little more with the sun flare idea and also tried to do an off road rig shot. Due to lack of ND filters and super bouncy terrain, the rig shot didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. I also discovered that I definitely need a longer pole if I'm going to be shooting big ass trucks like this! I'm not too hyped on this rig shot, but I'll throw it in here anyway! I did manage to pull out another rig shot at a bank a little later in the night. Again, not insanely hyped on these 2 but it was the first time using my rig, and the shorty poles really didn't help! haha.

A few hours later we set back out and tried to grab a few more frames. After getting shooed out of the spot I was the most hyped on shooting I was definitely not feeling shooting anymore. After a little convincing from Steve I setup 1 last location in a gravel construction site. I busted out the ice light and started painting left and right. I'm definitely happy that we stopped at this last spot on the way out because I really do like this type of image. I do wish that I was able to find more suitable locations to match this trucks purpose, but I guess that can be a goal for the next one!

You definitely can't win every time! and I'm more than okay with that!

CHEERZ to a baller truck I'll never be able to afford, and not getting too upset when things don't go as planned!


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