DOUGS // 350 Z

A couple of nights ago I met up with Doug who drove all the way from St. Genevieve to shoot. Needless to say I was hyped as shit for this shoot especially because this is not only the first shoot since I jumped into the freelance game, but I also got my camera back from Canon who had it for a week prior. All around a great day for Travis, haha!

Me and my buddy Steve rolled into the garage after grabbing a few taquitos from QT and found Doug patiently waiting with his pretty 350Z. Once we unloaded and devoured our taquitos it was time to work! Time was a little crunched on this shoot so we had to act fast, not leaving a whole lot of time to talk with Doug about himself and his pretty Z.

From what I did manage to talk to Doug about it seemed like he was your average hard ass working twenty-something with a huge passion for cars. My favorite thing about this pairing is that Doug lives pretty far south of St. Louis in a town where most people drive lifted pickups, and probably tractor trailers around town. Then there's Dougy Fresh with his insanely clean Z. The paint on this beauty had a super crisp sparkle and was immaculate. There was a lot of personality on this Z, almost every corner of the car was squeaky clean and had a little tasteful addition. From the facelifted front bumper and headlights, to the carbon hood with an open vent revealing the polished intake manifold, to the sparkly painted front lip, and out to the blue metallic wheels. Even the interior of this Z was perfect with more subtle additions such as an alcantera Driven steering wheel coupled with NRG quick release, and an alcantera shift boot and sparco shift knob. 

Shooting this car was nothing short of a breeze, especially because of the cleanliness. It looked good from every angle we were able to shoot it from, and the color combination was definitely pretty fun to work with. I'm starting to appreciate clean white cars mainly because they are SO easy to shoot, and definitely easy to manage in post processing. 

Even though we were pressed for time, we did manage to grab a few different angles, and put together a decent little quick-set for Doug. I'm looking forward to working further on these individual shoots and cranking out some feature worthy images! There's only a few in this set, but I'm pretty pleased with the way they came out! Enjoy!

Huge thanks to Steve Petersen for coming out and helping with this shoot!



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