For the last 4-5 months or so I've been staring the chocolate devil square in the eyes, and I haven't really been shooting as much as I would like, which you already knew if you read my last post.

*Oh and also, I shot this the day before I shot that for consistency's sake I probably should have posted this first but I was just way too hyped on that bike

A few weeks ago I made an impulse buy on some strobes and when they finally arrived I wanted to get out and give them a test whirl. The only issue I had was my strong impatience, lack of anything cool to shoot at my fingertips, and the fact that it was 5pm on a Friyay. 

Well, shit.

So I did what I always do and threw out a Facebook status asking who wants to shoot. I've had some pretty good luck with Facebook blasting, that shit always makes me laugh. 

Anyways, an old friend replied and said he had a brand spankin' new Lexus IS300 F Sport that he wanted to get some shots of. Thankfully it was still bone stock because I have been wanting to shoot a stock vehicle for awhile to see if I have what it takes to shoot more manufacture style shots.

We met up at a garage down the street from my house and I thought I had a whole bunch of pretty neat ideas and felt pretty good going into the whole thing. For some reason as soon as I got there, got everything set and it was time to shoot I drew a total blank.

I literally had nø fucking idea what I wanted tø dø ør høw I wanted tø dø it.

I tried to force myself to remember and compose the car the way I had originally planned and after 30-45 minutes of spitting out half sentences, walking around, looking at a bunch of shit, and forgetting where I am...I said fuck it and started shooting whatever popped into my head first. We spent probably an hour or two moving around and shooting whatever until a bunch of people showed up to check out the storm that was rolling in. I guess I forgot to mention that the sky was absolutely incredible and probably is one of the reasons that the shots from that garage looked half as good as they do, haha!

After we got overcrowded with a bunch of people who have never seen a storm before we ran downstairs and tried to do a few panning rolling shots. I've been super into these lately, especially the shots that only get the headlights/front wheel in focus and everything else is motion blurred. I'm not really sure what I like about these type of shots so much but they've been at the top my mood board lately and I can't stop staring at them like they're Anna Kendrick. Well, maybe not Anna Kendrick because she can't be compared to anything but maybe like Britney Spears when I was like 12. 

Anyways, after we tried a few panning shots we grabbed something to eat and were unpleasantly greeted with hurricane Katrina as we were eating. We still had another location to hit before I wanted to call it and since we live in Kansas all we had to do was wait 13 minutes for Katrina to quit crying. 

We drove to the next location and tried out a couple of rig shots. It's been awhile since I've mounted the rig on anything and I was a little hesitant to mount on Pierce's brand new car but we did it anyways, and I'm glad we did because I'm pretty happy with the way those shots turned out. Doing these reminded me how much I love rig shots, but how much I fucking hate removing the pole. I almost lost my shit a couple of times on these images because of the little random issues I was running in to. But all in all I'm definitely hyped with the way they look!

Another thing that working on this set re-sparked in me is my love for working on images overnight. It's been awhile since I stayed up until almost 4AM working on stuff and I forgot that the best part of my brain is activated somewhere in-between that time; because that seems to be when I make the best decisions with a lot of these images, it's also proven to be the time that I make some of the worst decisions as well....which is why I try pretty hard to refrain from sharing things after midnight, haha! 

ANYWAYS. All in all this set was great because it got me out of my mom's basement and away from chocolate hell and got me pretty hyped to start creating again, which is always dope.