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Born and raised in Kansas City I spent most of my childhood attached to my skateboard until accidentally discovering Photography in high school. A couple of failed photo classes and a few years later I wound up attending the Kansas City Art Institute where my whole world was flipped upside down. During my time at KCAI I was lucky enough to land classes with some of the most influential professors I’ve ever met while developing a workflow that has proven time and time again to be bulletproof, still to this day.

Entering the commercial world somewhere around 2012 I’ve been lucky enough to be apart of projects for national/global ad campaigns on all ends of the spectrum. From pre-production, to shooting, to post production, there's not much ground I haven't covered. In doing so I’ve been able to work in some pretty incredible places with some very incredible people. Whether its capturing race cars at 100+mph, facing extreme conditions, or taking 8 hours to make 1 image my love for the process has only gotten stronger. 

I was born early, I’m always late, My left ear doesn’t work, and I’ve been best described as a walking energy drink.